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Montana Specialty Log Cabins

Gold Creek Log Cabin 12x20: Embrace the Art of Cabin Living

Gold Creek Log Cabin 12x20: Embrace the Art of Cabin Living

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Cabin Dimensions: 12’ wide x 20’ long, 11’ wall height

Exterior Stain: Burnt then applied Hazelnut

Log Jam Chinking Exterior: Mortar White

Interior Stain: Gloss Symphony (clear coat)

Log Jam Chinking Interior: Buff

Number of Windows: 5, frame color white

Number of Doors: 1, wood door size 36”x 82”

Electrical: n/a

Flooring: n/a

Ceiling Material: Knotty Pine tongue and groove

Loft: 12’x 8’ loft area

Deck/Covered Porch: n/a

Step into the essence of wilderness luxury with the Gold Creek Log Cabin, a 12x20 masterpiece born from the heart of Heron, Montana. This log cabin not only stands as a shelter but as a piece of art, handcrafted with a devotion to the outdoorsy lifestyle and a keen eye for detail.

The exterior of the log cabin showcases a unique, hand-burnt finish that accentuates the natural textures of the wood, sealed with Sashco Capture Log Stain in the inviting shade of Hazelnut. This meticulous process ensures that each cabin is a one-of-a-kind sanctuary. The exterior is further enhanced by Mortar White Log Jam Chinking, offering a striking contrast that highlights the cabin's architectural beauty.

Inside, the log cabin opens up to a world where natural light and space harmonize. Five windows offer panoramic views of your serene surroundings, casting a soft glow on the exquisite Knotty Pine tongue and groove ceiling. The interior is treated with Symphony clear gloss stain, bringing out the rich patterns of the wood, complemented by Buff chinking that weaves a story of traditional cabin craftsmanship. The attention to detail continues with knotty pine interior trim and live edge window sills, adding an authentic touch of rustic elegance.

The Gold Creek Log Cabin 12x20 is more than a structure; it's a lifestyle statement. It beckons those who dream of a tranquil retreat where the beauty of nature meets the comfort of home. Delivered across the U.S. and ready to grace a gravel or cement foundation, this cabin offers the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories and embracing the serene cabin life you've always desired.

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