Log Cabin FAQs

We know, there are a lot of questions that go into building your log cabin in your unique location. We hope some of the FAQs help.

  • What is the largest size cabin you offer?

    12’x30’ is the largest model dimension we offer for the ready to deliver option. We offer any size cabin under the custom cabins option.

  • What is the smallest size cabin you offer?

    12’x12’ is the smallest cabin size we offer for the ready to deliver option. With the custom option we offer any size.

  • Is there a maximum height limit?

    The maximum height limit is 11’6” for ready to deliver cabins. Custom built cabins are built onsite and do not have a height limit.

  • Is there a limit to how far you deliver?

    No! Initial 50 miles are included in cabin price. Over 50 miles cost is $10 per mile. Ready for delivery cabins are located in Heron, Montana.

  • How much space do I need on my drive way to transport a cabin?

    16’ width and 15’6” heights. If there is a question on switchbacks ect. we prefer a video of your drive way and location before we deliver. 

  • I have a remote property, can you tell me more about the condition of the road you need for delivery?

    We have delivered to some very remote properties! One option would be to send a video of your road. If there is anything too great of concern, the transportation company which delivers our cabins would need to come assess the road. You would be responsible to compensate the transportation company for their time to come and evaluate the road, whether or not it is feasible to deliver.

  • How should I prepare the delivery site?

    A solid road. (So our trailer will not sink out of sight) Add gravel for a solid road base if the access point is questionable, or wait for the dry season to deliver. 

  • What foundation type is should I have prepared to set the cabin on?

    This is entirely up to you, your needs, budget and desires. Some options include: cement crawl space or cement mono slab.

  • Is your machinery very heavy and could it damage my asphalt, cement or gravel?

    Yes the possibilities are very high. 

  • Do you know if I need to get a building permit from my city/county?

    That will vary depending on your location and county, as well as depending on the type of foundation you choose to set the cabin on. 

  • What is the typical build wait time?

    A typical wait time is 3-6 months. 

  • How does payment work?

    Payments are as follows:

    • 50% deposit
    • 50% upon completion, before delivery
  • Do you offer financing?

    Yes, we offer financing on select cabin models.