Log Home Restoration FAQs

Your log home and it's conditions are unique, but we hope some of the FAQs below are helpful. Please call us to further discuss how we can work together to remedy your issues.

  • What restoration services you offer?

    We offer full/complete restoration! We assess every project for the most cost efficient way to achieve what the owner is envisioning. If the project requires media blasting that is typically achieved using sand. If the home owners are in dust sensitive areas we can media blast using dry ice or glass beads. Or pressure washing with CPR. After removing old stain or paint our restorations typically involve sanding/buffing, treating with Tim-Bore, applying stain, adding Bug Juice in the stain, chinking, concealing checks, Cobra Rods installed, entire log rot replacement, or half log rot replacement. We can also add porch roof extensions to protect the logs from the elements, replace decks and log railing.  Our goal is to find out what your budget is and what you are envisioning to achieve with your log home. 

  • How long have you been working on restoration projects? 

    We have been working with log restoration since 2009. Working with logs is one of my earliest memories as a child. I grew up working alongside my father at Natural Log Cabins in Tustin, Michigan. 

  • Can we FaceTime or is it best to schedule an in person meeting to show you the condition of my log home? 

    Yes, Face Time is a good way to assess your log home but not the best way. The best way we have found so far to assess your log home is to have you email us pictures of all four sides of your home and the areas of concern. To give us a good idea of the square feet of surface area we also ask for the length, width and wall height of your home. Also, share with us as much detail as possible around what you would like to get accomplished. Include your full name, address of project location, email address, and phone number. After we get your email we give you a free estimate of what a typical job your size is for a full restoration. With a clause in the estimate that this project has not been inspected in person yet.  When you are ready to move forward and get on our schedule we schedule an in person restoration evaluation consultation to firm up the estimate on price and schedule. This includes a Tap Inspection Report to restore your home back to brand new. You can select the “like new” option or just the “bare necessities”.  

  • Typically, how long after a home is stained does the home begin to need maintenance?

    If the logs are properly protected and if you want the logs to stay like new we often recommend an inspection every two years. A clear coat typically needs to be applied on the south or west side every 2-5 years or as needed. Under large covered porches or eaves we find the logs can be clear coated approximately every 10 years. 

  • Are there things I can do to prolong the need for maintenance?

    Yes! The maintenance of your home varies largely on the amount of protection you have on your eaves and gables to protect from the sun and rain.  H2o and UV rays are your logs biggest enemy! If you remove one of those factors your logs will last much longer, even100's of years! That is why it is so important to have large overhangs. Rule of thumb is to have 2’ overhangs for every 8’ of vertical log wall.

  • I'm concerned my dry rot logs are rotted all of the way through and I will need entire logs to be replaced... do you replace entire logs?

    Yes this is what we do! We assess the situation and replace only what is needed.

  • Is there a certain time of year that you do your restoration projects?

    Exterior restoration in the Northwestern hemisphere happens largely between May and November, since the temperatures need to stay above 40 degrees, for the stain to properly cure. Interior projects we can do year round, but we typically wait to do interior restoration during winter months. 

  • How far booked out are you typically?

    We are booked out 6 to 12 months on our restorations.

  • I see you are located in Heron, MT- how far are you willing to travel for a restoration project? 

    Depending on the project, anywhere in the United States.

  • Are you licensed and insured in other states than Montana?

    We are insured anywhere in the United States. We are licensed/registered in Montana and Idaho, as far as getting registered to do restoration work in other states we acquire the registration as needed. 

  • Should I plan to move out of my house or do people typically stay in their homes during restoration projects?

    That is entirely up to you. If your project involves media blasting it will be very dusty inside.

  • Will the interior of my home get messy?

    If your home is not sealed properly, (chinked, ect), and there are a lot of bugs/flies in your home, then yes you will have water or dust inside your home. To eliminate some of the dust we or the homeowner can remove furniture from the interior walls and install this queen to keep the dust closer to the walls, therefore, it does not go through the entire home.

  • Is cleaning the interior of my home a part of your services? 

    Typically only exterior window washing is included in your full restoration bid. But, yes, if you want us to add on cleaning the interior of your home that is a service you can purchase.

  • How does payment on restoration projects work?

    • 10% down to get on the schedule
    • 50% 3 weeks before start date
    • 20% after staining is completed
    • remaining balance after project is completed
  • Do you offer financing for restoration projects?

    Not at this time.