Log Restoration Services

We offer restoration services on existing log structures. The first step would be to get in touch with us at 406.529.7664 to tell us about your project.

Our restoration services include:

  • Media blasting
  • Removing dry rot and replacing with new half or whole logs
  • Filling cracks in logs
  • Chinking
  • Staining 

Take a look at a restoration project from start to finish

This log home project involved media blasting the exterior to remove paint on the logs. We also removed dry rot half logs and replaced with new half logs. We filled any exterior cracks in the logs that can often be a bug super highway or can allow for dry rot to begin. Towards the end of the project we stained the exterior and applied all new chinking.



The front of this home faces south. After years of sun and moisture exposure the paint was peeling, there were large cracks that needed to be filled and dry rot that needed to be cut out and replaced with new half logs.


Media Blasting

The entire exterior of the home was media blasted to remove old paint. We take the utmost care during this process to cover and protect windows.


Dry Rot Removal

This step involves cutting into the dry rot log with a chain saw and removing the dry rot portions by hand.


It's all about the details

There were portions of this home that required hand sanding around window trim and round logs. These customers had just replaced their windows which required the team to take extra steps to protect them during the project. You can also see replaced half logs to the left of the front door.



We applied two coats of Sashco Capture Cascade Chestnut Stain and two coats of Cascade Clear top coat.



Chinking is applied towards the end of the project by hand. This customer chose Log Jam Chinking in the color Buff.



... and just like that, we're done! These customers have a completely sealed home ready for the elements.

Have restoration questions for us? We'd love to hear more about your project!